In a few days course you will learn to fly a paramotor. The courses include: Learn the concept of flight, basic meteorology, flight safety, and equipment maintenance. We provide all you need for the best equipment, safety devices, facilities & services. You can enjoy the cafe overlooking dunes and the flying area where you can spend a full day of excitement. We also welcome your families and friends to accompany you and watch you fly !! is an Airsports club (Paragliding, Paramotor, and Paratrike) Located in Sealine – Qatar. We specialize in providing an incredible Paratrike Air Tours experience. We also offer training courses for Paraglide, Paramotor, and Paratrike as well as a fully equipped workshop and equipment sales.

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Paramotor Courses

  • No experience is necessary or any special physical fitness
  • Trainee Weight less than 100 kg, Age over 18 years old
  • The course includes the use of equipment and tools
  • To join the courses, Sky Masters Club membership is required
  • Special discount for groups over 3 Trainee
  • You can enjoy the cafe overlooking the dunes and the flying area
  • Contact us to find out more about the courses with a private trainer


What is the Paramotor?

The Paramotor is an umbrella with a back-loaded motor that allows the practitioner to take off from the ground, fly and then land, and in flight he can control the directions and rise at relatively low speeds.

Do I need a license to Practice the Sport?

Yes, you need a license to practice this sport on your own. The main objective of the training we offer is to enhance your skills to pass the required conditions for obtaining the licenses.

However, we can book a tour to experience, feel the excitement of the adventure. or even steer under the supervision of the pilot.

What is the minimum acceptable age for the sport?

The official age for practicing all kinds of air sport in Qatar is 18 years and above. There is no maximum limit.

Is the Paramotor Safe?

Definitely YES, and also very enjoyable. We use the best equipment that has passed all tests and safety standards, and approved by international organizations.

How can I learn?

We have programs designed in the form of training courses which are one of the best and easiest courses in the world in terms of security, safety and high quality in a distinctive way, through which theoretical and practical training is available through licensed trainers in Qatar in particular and in the world in general.

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